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Monday, 29 April 2013

A Little Bit More About Transform TwentyOne....

A Little Bit More About Transform TwentyOne....
Both Rise2Radiate & Transfrom21 have a Peel and Halton presence at the moment, which we will happily be expanding in the year to come. Rise2Radiate, which started in the Mississauga Area by Vandy Gadia Sharma focuses on events and support for women-only. Transform21 being a new addition to Vandy's Rise2Radiate, will be for men and women.

Both Rise2Radiate & Transform TwentyOne helps you get ahead on your path of achievement through a holistic approach to success. We offer:

Inspiration to take action through:

Local news on achievements of local members e.g news of new ventures, product launches, interviews of people with unique achievements, etc.
Tool and Techniques to achieve success through
Mastermind groups
Networking events
Workshops and conferences like Transformation 21

While the news and interviews provide members with the inspiration, the mastermind groups and networking events provide them the tools and techniques to achieve their goals. Every event is creatively designed to help men & women get the most out of their busy schedules.